2021 is “The Year of the Rebrand”.  

Now more than ever before it is essential to have a great headshot that represents you and your brand well.  

We all have at one point or another experienced the discouragement of seeing a photo of ourselves that seemed to capture everything that we perceive to be negative about our appearance.  As a photographer of people, it is my objective to help you see yourself in the best light possible.  Invariably, planning for a headshot session creates some “stress” on the part of the subject.  Whether it is organizing what you will wear, not being able to fall asleep the night before the session or just that subtle background “worry” that you will forget to bring something you need on the day of the shoot…  the mind will try to cause you to have a less-than-perfect experience.  However, much unnecessary worry can be altogether avoided when you are sure that the one taking the photo is determined to see beauty in everyone.  In fact, I am more concerned about how you look on camera than you are. 

My specialty is lighting, posing, hair & catching a true connection in the eyes.  I love creating a natural “born in front of the camera” look.  Photographing people since 2001 has allowed me to become an expert at “choreographing” a still frame.  Creating  an “upscale casual” lifestyle feel in my imagery is something that comes easy to me.

My one request / mission statement is this: 

Let me show you the way I see You.  Just You on your Best Day.

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